To get the Financial Statement in the 11th Edition USALI format, you need to complete a complete of steps.

First, once you have verified that all Revenue and Expense entries are complete for a month in QuickBooks, run a P&L Report for that month.  Here are the steps:

  • On the left side menu, select ‘Reports
  • Click the click for ‘Profit and Loss
  • For the report period, select ‘Last Month’ (or enter date range for the month being reported)

Your parameters will look like this:

  • click 'Run Report'.
  • When the report displays, click the Export icon  and select to Export to Excel.

The browser will save the xlsx file to the Downloads folder on you computer.

CIA needs you to send us this file.  Navigate to our FTP website going to  Find the file your downloaded and drag it on to our web page.

Once this is complete, email us at to let us know.  We will load your data and send you the report.

NOTE:  This is a temporary process.  We are working to add this process to the Hotel QBO Connector website.

Thank you,

CIA Support Team