Each time you make a change to your forecast, that causes the Buddy program to recalculate EBTDA (or Net Income) the software will be triggered to Submit the Forecast to corporate for review.  This occurs after you exit Buddy and subsequently exit the CIA software all together.


After closing the Main CIA Plan Menu a pop up will ask "Are You Ready to Submit Forecast"

If you answer YES

The forecast is:

Archived for use in comparison reports at a later time

Updated in the DSTAT program, for use as a comparison on Daily Reporting

Sent via FTP to the Corporate Reporting Portal for review

Backed up into a zip file on your computer


Please note that if you are prompted that an "Official Forecast has already been submitted, do you wish to replace it" respond YES if you are submitting changes for review.


If you answer NO

The forecast is:

Backed up into a zip file on your computer

Sent via FTP to the CIA Online Portal as an offsite back up


What if I don't get the prompt?

You may have changed the forecast but not in a way that caused EBITDA to change:

Make sure that the Forecast is not LOCKED.  Look at the bottom of the Main CIA Plan Menu is the letter F in Red?

Open Buddy and reprint the BFA report.  This is to make sure that you fed all changes to the bottom line.

Exit all the way out of CIA, and see if the submission is now triggered.


If needed you can manually submit the Forecast:

From the CIA Main Plan Menu

Click on the Administrative Option button

From the popup menu, highlight the Finalize and Submit Forecast option, and click the Select button


If both of the above processes fail to submit your forecast:

You have a technological issue, and will need to submit an email to support@ciasoft.com

Please include in the email that you have tried these steps.