The DREV Daily Room Revenue module (part of CIA Financial Planning) has been updated to include new features.  When you log into CIA Financial Planning and select DREV, you will see a new Home Screen presentation, a new navigation experience, and two new forecasting tools.

A button is available to take you to the previous DREV experience (labeled “DREV Classic”).  This button will be available until the end of October in case you’re in a rush and haven’t had time to get acquainted with the new format.

New Home Screen

The opening screen in DREV has been redesigned with buttons to access the various steps of the forecast.  The text of each button displays information about the status of the step.  Each month, you should access the steps on the left side of the screen from top to bottom.DREV 5.6 Home Screen


New Navigation

When accessing “Change Forecast” or “Change Budget”, the first screen that appears shows the Total Rooms, Rate and Revenue by month. The “toolbar” on the left provides buttons to access the various tools that are used to view and modify the forecast. The tools are organized from top to bottom in order of least detail to most detail. 

  • Start with Total by Month to view Rooms, Rate and Revenue by Month.
  • Click on the 2nd tool Total by Day to see daily totals for one month.
  • The next tool shows month-end totals for each market segment
  • The Segment by Day tool drills down into daily values by segment.
  • Segment Patterns shows options to view “high”, “average” and “low” patterns by market segment. These patterns can be used to populate the forecast for future weeks.
  • On the Books is a tool used to view Group Segment forecast and the groups on the books imported from Delphi.
  • Adjust by Month is used to enter revenue adjustments by month.
  • Segments to Show is the utility to control which market segments to display on each screen.

Updating Forecast in Total (not by Market Segment)

The first two tools Total by Month and Total by Day have been added in response to users who requested tools to modify the forecast without regard to segments. 

In this first tool, Total by Month, you can adjust the Rooms and/or Rate for the month.  Enter the new values and click the “Apply Changes” button to change the forecast.  DREV will take the change in forecast and spread it by day and by segment based on the pattern in current forecast.

DREV 5.6 Total by Month


The Total by Day tool shows the Rooms, Rate and Revenue for each day in the selected month.  Change the values and click the “Apply Changes” to modify the forecast.  The daily values change will be applied proportionally based on the current forecast.