In this video we're going to talk about the CIA online portal.  The purpose of the portal is to provide the corporate office with multi property reporting capabilities. If you need to run a report for one hotel, running CIA financial planning works just fine.  But if you need to run a consolidation report for a portfolio of hotels, or you need to look at summary level information for a group of hotels, the CIA online portal is the best way to accomplish that.

 The CIA online portal has 4 basic report types.  Once you log in, you can go to the Reports menu see that there are revenue reports. These reports are based on the DSTAT data and generally are used for month within the month reporting. 

  • You can look up an individual hotel’s daily report.   
  • You can run a flash report for the portfolio showing summary level revenue information. 
  • You can run a flash report for multiple hotels for just rooms 
  • You can run a flash report for food and beverage 
  • There are 2 different styles of market segment reporting 
  • You can get a summary level report projecting the end of the current month
  •  and you can look at how the month date numbers compared to budget into last year 

The portal also supports a group of financial reports. These reports are based on the data that comes from BUDDY.  Again, you can run consolidations of a group of hotels, get reports in various formats.

Your custom reports these are generally reports that are produced from a data miner template.

The last category of reports you get are what we call extracts. These are just raw data output from the database.

In the followed videos, we will be going into more detail about each of these kinds of reports.

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