(You can skip this if you are certain your budget is correct in Buddy)

1. Go into Buddy

2. From the Reports Menu, run the "BFC" "Period Year Over Year" report

3. Choose the month you are currently running in DSTAT

4. When the report is displayed, page down through the detail and verify that their are budget numbers present for the items in question.

If there are budget values, proceed to the next steps.

If there are NOT budget values, please notify us by email.


1. On the CIA main menu, click on Administrative Options.

2. From the menu, select "Export Forecast & Budget for DSTAT".

3. BE CAREFUL - When the Month Selection Box is displayed it will likely be set to export next month. If it is, you will need to click no and enter the current period number before proceeding.

4. Click the Ok button after entering the current month.

5. When the export completes, exit CIA.

6. Open DSTAT

7. Select FILE from the pull down menu.

8. Click on "import Forecast & Budget from CIA"

If this does not resolve your issue, please notify us via email.