If the steps in "When DSTAT does not show Budget 1" did not fix the problem

1. Get from the hotel in question their DSTAT database (D-PROP CODE), daily report template (Excel), and the most recent daily report excel file (found in the DSTAT/Archive folder)

2. Look at the most recent file and see if they item they are reporting as not working at all, or if some values (Actual, Last Year, ETC.) are working, and other values (Budget, Forecast, ETC.) are not working.  If some are and others are not, it will help you with what to look at next.

3. Open the Excel Template.  Look at the item in question and determine if the Journal Cell Tag and Prefixes are correct in all the fields.  Fix any that are not correct.

4. Open DSTAT

5. Click on the Setup Menu

6. Click on the input screen configuration

7. Search the various tabs until you find the item in question

8. Verify that the Journal Cell entered matches the template (If it does not than none of the values will be correct).  Correct it if needed.

9. Verify that the Budget and Forecast are set to Import. 

10. Verify that the proper values are in the Budget App and Parms 1 - 4 fields.

11. You may need to open the "C-Property Code" or "C-Master" file to verify that the Budget Parameters are correct.