Depending on your setup, there are two options when Opera files are not received.

Option One

  1. Go to File Downloads in Opera
  2. Search using “%MMDD.d%” MM=Month DD=Date, if there are no files to download, contact CIA Support
  3. Click on the file and click Save
  4. Choose the location to save, once you have saved them all, open the folder.
  5. You can email the files (one email per file) to the email provided for your property, being sure to remove any footer. (Or, go to, login with the credential provided to your property. Once it is open, click on the folder icon at the bottom, use the mouse to drag the new generated file to the website in the other window. Once you have confirmed that the file is there, you can close the website window.)
  6. Open Dstat and read that date into Dstat.

Option Two

In Opera, in the Misc. Menu, choose "File Export", then click on “General”.  Once you have the screen below, look for these three items “DSTAT…”, but not the ones that say “Manual” at the end of the Description.  Choose them one at a time and click “View Data”.  

Once you see the list of data generated, look for the one that does not have “SFTP” in the beginning of Generated File/Status column. This means the file was not able to transfer to our SFTP Server. Click “Gen File” to retry the regeneration of the file.   

On the pop-up, do not change the “File Name”, just click OK. When the next popup indicated that the file “generated Successfully”, check the others (without SFTP in front on previous step). Once they are all done, you should be able to import into DSTAT.